Washer Pitching Game Rules: Score & Build Your Skillset

Washer Game is a fun backyard game. The game has become highly popular in the USA in the last few years. Washers Game is a family-oriented game that is easily portable and can be set up in a couple of seconds. The game can be played on the lawn, beach, camping, and any open place. Washers Game is also known as Washer Pitching and Washer Toss. The game has a number of different names, but it all depends on which part of the country you play in.

Basic concept

Every age group can play this fantastic game without any hassle. But you need to have clarity of rules before playing. The official rules are quite simple and understandable. Even a child can learn them quickly and easily. The main aim of the game is to throw washers into the holes in a washers board. A washer game set consists of two washer boards (each for one team) and washers. Place your washer boards 10 feet apart. This distance can be measured by the 10 feet connecting rope. You must have six washers along with the washer boards.

How is the Washer Game played?

The game can be played individually 1-on-1 or in teams of 2-on-2. Each player throws a washer and whoever gets the highest points chooses if they want to go first or not. For example, the first player will get a chance to throw 3 washers, and similarly, the second player will throw 3 washers to complete one round. Players can stand next to the board, and the foul line is in front of the board. The score of each round is noted. The last team to score in a round plays first in the next round.

Score Board—The 3-hole washer pitching score is different from the single-hole washers game. The washer must entirely fall into the hole to score a point. Here are the scoring criteria:

  • One point is scored for the closest hole to the front of the board.
  • Three points are scored for the middle hole.
  • Five points are scored for the farthest hole on the board.

If a washer is knocked into a hole by an opponent or one’s own team member, points go to the player who threw the washer in the first place. Washer game rules can be changed, but both the teams must agree to them at the start of the game. The first player/team to score no more and no less than 21 wins the game.

Play with quality

Washer Game must be played with the finest equipment to enhance the game. Visit the official website of Washers Game and buy a complete washer game set today.

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